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When do you need a Permit?

Click on Building Code Requirements to see what you need to build in the Village

Building Permits:
Remember – building, development, and demolition permits are available at the village office and are REQUIRED PRIOR to starting any construction. Download your building permit

Building incentives available.

There are building incentives available that allow for all municipal taxes to be written off for a 3 year period. Please see building incentive program for eligibility. 

Street Addresses:
Please make sure you have the address of your home visible to the street. This is for emergency respondents, visitors, couriers and village personnel. Please contact the village office at 386-2942 if you do not know your address.

Building Inspector:
CCA Construction Code Authority
Office: 306-386-7777
Ryan Cell: 306-441-3989

Planning, Development and Community Planner :


S. Yvonne Prusak


Office: 306-845-6702