Building Information

Building Permits:
Remember – building, development, and demolition permits are available at the village office and are REQUIRED PRIOR to starting any construction.

Street Addresses:
Please make sure you have the address of your home visible to the street. This is for emergency responders, visitors, couriers and village personnel. Please contact the village office at 386-2942 if you do not know your address.

Building Inspector:
CCA Construction Code Authority
Office: 306-386-7777
Ryan Cell: 306-441-3989

Buoys: These buoys are put out for everyone’s safety, especially our children and grandchildren. Sometimes it is very hard to see people in the water when you are driving a boat or sea doo pulling a skier. Please respect the purpose of the buoys and obey the “Boating Speed Limit” of:

Maximum 10km/h within 30m (100 ft) of shore. Fine $125, Maximum fine $500 or 6 month imprisonment.” (Canada Shipping Act: Boating Restriction Regulations)

Inside the buoys is a “NO WAKE” zone. No wake is defined as the slowest possible speed to maintain steerage and headway. Boat speed should not exceed 10 km/h.

Playground: “No dogs are allowed in the playground area”. Please be respectful - our children play in the sand.

Street Addresses: We did not quite make it last year – therefore - This is our 20th anniversary year of asking people to put their house/cabin/trailer address numbers on the front of your place. This is for ambulance, fire, police visitors, couriers and service personnel. If you do not know your address – contact the village office.

Street Lights: If you see a street light out and/or one that needs repairs – please call Sask Power – 310-2220.

By touching Building Bylaw: you will by taken to the full bylaw. Remember – building permits are available at the village office and are REQUIRED PRIOR to starting any construction.

Boat Poles: If you put in a boat pole this summer – PLEASE REMEMBER to take it out in the fall. These can be very dangerous if left in over the winter. Many thanks to those that did remove their boat poles last fall.

Noise Bylaw: Quiet time hours are from 12 midnight until 8:00 a.m. Penalties are very severe and are served on the “occupant”. Definition of “occupant” – means the cabin owner and/or occupant and/or licensee of the premises and/or any persons found on the premises at/or around the time when the noise or sound comes from the premises.”
“In the case of a first offence – a “notice of warning” may be issued. Fines of not less than $1,000 and not more than $2,000 may be issued on a first offence and in the case of a continuing offence, to a further fine of not more than $2,000 for each day during which the offence continues.” Be respectful of your neighbors.

Community Services

Fire Chief:

Ed Neufeld

Building Inspector:

CCA Construction Code Authority 306-386-7777


To Be announced

Transfer Site:

Closed to the Public. Village garbage pickup is every Monday.

Hall Rental:

Elaine Delainey - 306-386-2434

Remember When...?

The Resort Village of Aquadeo is remembered fondly by many. For some, it is home. For some, it is a place where summer memories were formed. We hope that you will enjoy this 'blast from the past' and ask that you consider submitting your photos to share.

Resort Village of Aquadeo

Public Notices

Municiple tax discounts are as follows: January to March 8%, April to June 6%.

On Council’s order, tax enforcement commences and eventually will lead to acquiring title to the property in arrears.

Please remember that the Resort Village of Aquadeo accepts cash and/or cheque for payment of tax and water accounts. We also accept and encourage payment by postdated cheques.

Methods of payment: mail or personal drop-off. Cash or cheque only please. E-Transfer is now acceptable for payment.

If you’ve put in a boat pole in the lake this summer - PLEASE take it out of the water in the fall. They are very dangerous if left in over the winter. It is much easier if everyone takes out what they put in - then you’ll also have it for next year!!

Please remember to send in any pictures you have of community events and/or exciting things happening throughout the village. Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - we want them all (or some).

Water Information


The " Annual Notice to Consumers Drinking Water Quality & Compliance”. Lab results are always available at the Village Office.

We have purchased a standby generator so that power will be maintained at the water plant during power outages thus ensuring that residence will continue to have water pressure during outages.

Our water treatment plant continues to operate very well thanks to the staff and contractors hired to overlook and maintain it.


Box 501, Cochin SK, S0M 0L0




Business Hours

Office hours will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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